Jewelry Appraisal Services

Libutti Diamond Jewelers has been trusted by generations. It’s a legacy we take very seriously. So you can be sure that we leave no stones unturned when it comes to preparing appraisals for our customers. Every gemstone, jewel and timepiece reviewed by our appraisers is measured and documented with the greatest accuracy and descriptive detail possible.

Our highly skilled GIA Certified Graduate Gemologists are happy to furnish you with a detailed certified appraisal upon your request for your personal itemized jewelry.  Every item that we appraise gets photographed and is stored with its appraisal in our system should it ever be needed in the future.

Our exacting standards are precisely the reason that so many insurance companies rely on Libutti Diamond Jewelers to assist their clients when replacements for valued pieces is required.

Due to fluctuating market conditions, we strongly advise that you have your appraisals updated every 2-4 years.