Watch and Clock Repair – Full Service

You’ll find only the most experienced of watchmakers and watch technicians behind the Libutti Diamond Jewelers workbench taking responsibility for all watch related repairs. Even for a simple battery change, they take the time to inspect all gaskets and seals to make sure that they’re secure, ensuring that your watch will continue to run with precision.

We also think it’s important that you know what to expect, so we provide estimates for your approval before Libutti Diamond Jewelers master watchmakers begin work on your watch, and back up their work with an extended one-year warranty with each completed watch service.

Libutti Jewelers Timepieces combine exquisite jewelry with highly complicated mechanical movements. Improper use or servicing may damage the beauty of a timepiece as well as the mechanism resulting in costly and extensive repairs.

A watch is one of the rare devices that operate continuously around the clock. To ensure optimal functioning and long life, most timepieces require a complete movement overhaul on most every 3 to 5 years.